Personal Branding Photoshoots

Imagine on brand imagery that has clients think: Now I want to work with her! Followed immediately by reaching into their wallets and investing into working with you. This is how a personal branding photoshoot can set you apart.

Now that ladies (and gentlemen) is my superpower!! Working with you to create imagery that captures your unique essence!

I believe that pictures are the single most powerful communication tool.  And, by having professional photos taken of yourself, your products, your work environment, and your team, creates a sense of professionalism in your brand. Professional images of yourself express the essence of your personality so you can confidently connect with your ideal clients and build a memorable brand.

By presenting your clients with relevant images across your entire on-line presence that authentically represent you and your business, you’re revealing who you are and giving them a glimpse of what you represent.  

A well-planned, professional personal branding shoot will provide you with a gallery of images that can be used across your marketing collateral, including your social media platforms and your website. Not only does it look amazing, but it establishes credibility which helps build trust with your potential clients. In my branding shoots, the images are planned and executed to create a cohesive look and feel that will enhance your brand.

There is certainly a space for some candid selfies on social media platforms, but you’ll notice that the brands and entrepreneurs that stand out from the crowd are the ones who use professional photos for the bulk of their imagery.

The same can be said about stock images. While there are some good options, the bulk are generic and overused. And, if they don’t match your brand and product, they can do more harm than good and confuse your client.  One thing I know for sure is a confused client does not buy!

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Tilanie Grote

Tilanie Grote

Tilanie is a Durban based photographer.  

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