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A change is as good as a holiday! So why not? I have decided to make the change to Tilanie Grote Photography from  Marshmallow Images. I felt it was time to  step it up a bit and try a brand new approach to my photography. So it seems appropriate to have a change in branding. As much as I love my Marshmallow name I believe it is a good change to attached my name to my photos! To all my regular (and new) clients, do not fear, you will still get your packet of marshmallows!

I believe that each and every client has different wants and needs when it comes to the outcome of their photo session. I am therefore offering tailor-made packages to suit every client’s needs.

Do you want one large canvass for the lounge or three A4 prints for the baby room? Are you an avid Scrapbooker that requires only some digital images and jumbo prints? Would you like your images portrayed in a gorgeous hard cover coffee table book or are you sending some prints and framed photos to granny and grandpa? Please let me help you achieve your end-goal by discussing with me what you would like the do with the images after your session. If you are not entirely sure, I will do my best to steer you in the right direction.

Looking forward to hearing from you and taking this journey with you.

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Tilanie Grote

Tilanie Grote

Tilanie is a Durban based photographer.